How to ... Shape Your Eyebrows

... as featured in my monthly makeup column in Xpose Magazine! The incorrect eyebrow shape can distort your face to make you look out of balance and can even add pounds to your face. Be strong and leave the tweezers alone for a few weeks. The only way to get a good eyebrow shape is to let them grow the way nature intended them and then tweek the finer details. Once you re-cultivated your Brooke Sheild's bushes, use these steps to shape them into perfection!

  1. Starting point: Find where your eyebrow should begin by placing a pencil in the curve of your nose, where you would get pierced, and point it straight up. Where the side of the pencil hits hair is the boarder for plucking the unibrow. If you pluck further along than this you will make your nose look bigger. Pluck your brows so that they remain their natural thickness at this point and gradually become thinner as you travel along the brow.
  2. Arch: There should only ever be two lines within an eyebrow, whether they are straight angular lines, or softer rounded ones. The first line is from the starting point until the arch, where the brow travels diagonally upwards, gradually getting thinner. The second line is where your eyebrow changes to a diagonally downward direction, from the arch until the end. To find the arch, place the pencil back into your piercing point and cut straight through your iris as you look forward. The arch is where the pencil hits hair.
  3. End: The tail at the end of the brow should always be the thinnest part but you may need an eyebrow pencil so it doesn't disappear. To find this point you will need to move your pencil out to the curve of your nostril at the side of your nose and lay the middle of the pencil at the side of your eye. This stretch of brow looks best lifted to avoid drooping eye syndrome!