How To... Survive the Heat

 SPF - Vitamin D from the sun is fantastic for your skin and everyone feels better with a tan but sun damage causes your skin to age badly. I'm happy to sport a few laughter lines that reveal my years and I've always loved freckles but sun damage can deplete collagen and cause large blotchy brown marks, no thank you! So, to keep my skin youthful I always wear a much higher factor on my face, like Le Roche Posay Anthelios XL Tinted Cream SPF 50+ (€19.69) which has a subtle tint so you don't look like you've covered your face in sudocream!

LIPS - Don't forget to protect your delicate lips from the sun and why not pop on some summer colour while your at it!? Boots No7 BB Lips SPF 15 in Ballerina and Blink Pink €11

 TAN - I always bring a dark foundation on holidays so I can customize my foundation as my tan develops. Stila have brought out 3 gorgeous BB cream primers and, the geniouses that they are, the bronze shade is perfect to adjust your foundation as you get more bronzed and beautiful. Stila Stay All Day HD 10 in 1 Bronzing BB Cream

LASHES - This summer I chose to ditch the mascara and opted for DIY eyelash extensions instead. The key is to get your eyelashes tined black first and opt for lashes the same length as your own. I didn't have to worry about panda eyes in the heat and sea and I felt extra glamorous with my fluttery eyes all day and night. Just make sure to use the remover provided in the packet instead of absent mindedly pulling your lashes out while watching TV... you know who you are! Eylure Individual False Lashes €7.20

Featured in my monthly makeup advice column for Xpose Magazine.