Makeup Forever Purifying Brush Cleanser

As featured in my monthly column for Xpose Magazine.

It's very silly to think your lazy brush habits are not linked to your skin problems. Bacteria is easily trapped between hairs, and brushes used to apply wet products are the worst culprits as moisture breeds bacteria. Don't get me wrong, I feel your laziness! I hand wash my makeup brushes every evening after work and I still experience the same dread at the task ahead. That's why a handy spray like Purifying Brush Cleanser from Makeup Forever is fantastic. Keep the bottle on your dressing table beside a box of tissues so you can use it after each makeup application, then you only need to hand wash your brushes every2 weeks or so. To get the most out of your spray cleaner, lay the brush hairs against a tissue folded on the table, spray product onto the hairs and swipe the brush across the tissue, taking care not to go against the direction of the hairs (that means no scrubbing action!). Not only will your skin benefit, but brushes that are not clogged with product are also much easier to use.