How To... Use Your Eye Shadow Brushes

As featured in my monthly column for Xpose Magazine...

  • FLAT BRUSHES E60 €13.50 and E54 €11.50 - Any stiff brush is designed to place a strong concentration of colour onto the skin. Large square brushes are great for applying highlighter on the brow bone or pressing strong colour onto the eyelid. They can also be used to apply concealer under the eyes. Use the smaller sized flat brush for more control when you want to press colour onto neater areas, like the tear duct or to add a thin line of shimmer under the brow. Smaller flat brushes are also great for applying concealer to blemishes. #TOP TIP: Use the large flat brush to apply a matte ivory eyeshadow on your brow bone or eyelid. Switch to the small flat brush to add shimmer in a thin line just below the brow and in a V shape around your tear duct.
sigma e40
  • ROUND BLENDING BRUSH E40 €13.50 - The opposite to a stiff brush is a brush with long hairs that glide over the skin. These brushes are best used for blending but rather than just mushing all the colours into a muddy mess, blending is about softening the edge where one colour meets the next colour. You can apply a strong concentration of colour in your socket line or on your eyelid and then when there is less eyeshadow on the brush, use the soft hairs to blend so that the colour fades into the skin around it. #TOP TIP: Use your blending brush to apply a wash of biscuity brown eyeshadow from the socket line gradually fading until you reach the light colour on your brow bone. This means that no matter what you put on the eyelid or socket there is a backdrop of soft caramel brown already blended and ready to smudge into.
  • FLAT BLENDING BRUSH E25 €11.50 - This brush is stiff enough to press strong colour onto the skin but soft enough to blend the edges without switching brushes. Every makeup bag should have one of these!
sigma e30
  • PENCIL BRUSH E30 €11.50 - The neat round shape of this brush is great for detail like smudging eye pencils, adding eyeshadow along the lash line on the top and bottom or deepening the socket line. #TOP TIP: Once you have applied a wash of biscuity brown from your socket to your brow highlight, use the pencil brush to add a darker colour to the very lowest part of your socket, creating a sunset effect. Line your eyes with pencil and then use the brush to smudge.
sigma e75
  • ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH E75 €13.50 - These brushes are fantastic for creating detail smaller than your pencil brush can handle. Traditionally used for eyebrows and eyeliner flicks, you can also add a stronger concentration of eyeshadow right next to the lash line, layered over your smudgey pencil brush line.
sigma e11
  • POINTED EYELINER BRUSH E11 €11.50 - Pointed eyeliner brushes work best with a liquid texture so experiment and see which brush you are more comfortable with. To keep steady, I always press the side of the hairs against the skin in a stamping montion instead of using the tip of the brush which can result in a very wobbly line.

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