Make and Do Makeup

Oh how I love it when makeup artists get their art boxes out!! Spring Summer 2016 saw an explosion of glitter, jewels and paint all over the catwalk. Aaron de May added edge to his gold glitter eyes at Creatures of the Wind using a strong black liner inspire by Souxie Soux. Sharon Dowsett complimented Ashish's sequin collection by applying multi coloured sequins on the models eyelids, creating "cool skater girls who got lost in a sequin factory".

However, this season's undisputed champion of craft supplies makeup was Pat McGrath, who started subtly at Prada painting gold onto the models' lips for an impossible pout. She stepped it up a notch at Louis Vuitton, adding manga shaped eyelashes made of black paper on the top and bottom of the eyes and finishing with a randomly placed silver ear. But it was Givency where Pat really let things go, applying elaborate patterns of diamontés, lace, fabric, pearls and beads to the models' faces. Looking for something "soft but strange", Pat conceived of the mask-like pieces as a step up from the shocking and beautiful facial jewellery of Givency's AW15 show. This season's makeup still packed a punch but was less shocking, more "romantic, organic and all about pattern".

Every year we wait to see what new trend will rule music festival beauty, from flower crowns to neon bindis, and this year I've decided I'll try to make one these SS16 trends go mainstream. Glitter is great, until you try to wash it off, so that is definitely a festival no-no, and face-lace might be a little high maintenance for rolling around in the mud. We need something effortless, fun, youthful... So, I took inspiration from Sharon Dowsett's sequinned girls and threw some multi coloured stars on my face, switching it up by placing them under the eye for a grungy twist. To avoid looking too planned out I poured my sequin stars into a pile and picked up a random few at a time using a Vaseline-d finger. I then applied a sparing amount of lash glue onto the backs of the stars with a cotton bud. Vaseline finger + cotton bud glue = no sticky fingers! (Well, not TOO many anyway).


#Make This Look Your Own - you can customise this look in so many ways! Choose only gold or silver stars, or find some flat pearl beads to echo Givenchy's masks. Apply your jewels around the side of your eyes, on the  eyelids or above your eyebrows. You could even add some sparkles to paper manga-lashes. Just resist the urge to add some toilet roll inserts...

#TOP TIP - after rummaging through the haberdasheries and fabric bazaars of Soho I eventually realised I would find exactly what I wanted in only one place - the Internet! 10g bag of multi coloured stars - €2 on eBay. God bless the World Wide Web.

As featured in my monthly makeup advice column for Xpose magazine.